In-Person: JULY 9, 2024 Gentle Yoga for Vitality, 9:30-11am


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This week’s class focusses on BALANCING THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM.  The endocrine system influences body functions by releasing chemicals—hormones—from the endocrine glands and from the heart, kidneys, liver, and digestive tract into the bloodstream. Hormones adjust metabolic operations, growth, maturation, sexual development, pregnancy, and stress response. In this week’s practice, we experience how yoga can help keep these systems from under-functioning or overworking through the techniques of breath, movement, sound, and meditation.

This gentle class is suitable for all levels of students and beginners are welcome. The practice will include standing, seated, and mat poses.

If this is your first time attending Gentle Yoga for Vitality, you will need to complete a health form before class.

Our classes are held at The United Church of Tallahassee, 1834 Mahan Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32308.

Each student is responsible for bringing the following:

  • a yoga mat or blanket to lie on,
  • a blanket or pillow for your head, and
  • a bolster, or extra pillow or rolled-up towel or blanket for the closing relaxation, and
  • any additional props that would maximize your comfort and safety during the practice.

Please email [email protected], or text or call 850-766-0967 if you have questions.